Early this morning Truce and I dropped down the Yaquina River from Toledo to Newport on the ebb tide.  Upon arrival at Newport I found the Coastguard had closed the Yaquina River the bar to vessels less than forty feet length.  As Truce is thirty-six feet long we couldn’t depart Newport.  Very frustrating, the weather... Continue Reading →


After a refreshingly hot shower and a change into clean dry clothes I ventured up the road seeking libation and sustenance.  Fortunately, I stumbled across Hoovers Bar which provided both.  Good draft beer and real Bacon Berger.  Just like you see on TV it had bar stools, pool table, slot machines, men in hats, live... Continue Reading →


Last night I plugged on in poor sailing conditions, by midnight the mainsail came down and Truce was reduced to staysail only.  Wind was gusting thirty five knots from the South with rain squalls.  The midnight forecast predicted another two days of southerly winds – I was quite disheartened by this news. Not being able... Continue Reading →


I feel exhausted, what a day – I am checked into the USA and have been granted a six month cruising visa.  This morning I departed Canoe Cove at ten in brilliant sunshine and a cold crisp air.  There was no wind as I motored out and across Haro Strait towards the US.  At just... Continue Reading →

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