Back in Auckland again after circling the globe in a westerly direction.  So nice to be back in Auckland, bright sunshine and clear sky’s to welcome me.  Auckland Airport is one of the worlds easiest to arrive in, so quick to get through immigration and the baggage is usually on the belt ready for collection.  So efficient, just like Singapore.  Australia needs to look and learn.

Rangitoto Island, Auckland.
Rangitoto Island, Auckland.

Now I am back the last trip seems so quick, the route Auckland, Dubai, Bucharest, Galati, Constanta, Gibraltar, St. Johns, Toronto, Hong Kong, Auckland.  I only had time to Visit Gibraltar and St. Johns briefly to collect fridge magnets, the rest was in transit.

One of the things I enjoy about ship delivery is the satisfaction of completing the job and handing over the boat to the owners in good condition.  Of course, delivering a new boat is a privilege.  It’s also a challenge, a new vessel has thousands of individual components from differing manufactures that all need to work together.  Often during a delivery voyage mechanical or technical problems arise that must be fixed on route, always an interesting challenge and a testament to the fact we never stop learning.

Now I am back in New Zealand I will have a few days rest and catch up on sleep.  Then I will start preparations for next years sailing on Truce.  There are quite a few items of gear that I want to renew and repair.  While I was away the engineers have installed a new shaft and dripless seal on Truce.  The previous shaft was scored in the stuffing box area, causing more drips than I wanted.  I have now gone for a dripless seal and am looking forward to a dry bilge.  The sea water strainer has also been changed out for a Vetus unit that is easy to clean.

Other items on the wish list are; a new cover for the steering vane, new fitted bed sheets (Ngozi has promised to get her sewing machine out), New sea cock for Raw water intake, seal up the speed transducer through hull, new guard wires, jib furler overhaul, replacement VHF radio.  I will also look at fitting an additional solar panel and new batteries to boost the electrical storage capacity.  Other items on the wish list include, inflatable dinghy, outboard, inflatable kayak and Barbecue.   That reminds me, I need to write a note to Santa.

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