After what seemed like weeks rolling through the North Atlantic – in reality it was only a few days – we arrived at the St. Johns Pilot Station at seven in the morning.

Moonset ahead and sunrise astern entering St Johns
Moonset ahead and sunrise astern entering St Johns

The sea became calm and the swell subsided, a full moon set ahead of us into the harbour entrance as the sun rose from astern.  Our entry into St. Johns was spectacular and memorable.

We entered the harbour through a deep channel protected on either side by high ground.  The same high ground that Marconi took advantage of to send his first radio signal across the Atlantic.  I can’t imagine he could have realised the changes to the world that transmission would trigger in the future.

St. Johns is a wonderful natural harbour and reminded me of Norway with colourful houses scattered about the shoreline.  The Portuguese from the Azores were the first Europeans to regularly visit on fishing expeditions and the city is one of the oldest in North America.

After turning left into the harbour we berthed alongside, close to the town centre.  The town looks interesting, there are some interesting taverns visible and I am looking forward to tasting some fresh fish.  However, before then the ship needs to be handed over to the new owners and a heap of paperwork to be completed.  I hate the paperwork but it must be done – just wish all ports and countries could be consistent in what they require.

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