This morning the fishermen from Westview Marina were out early so I decided to join them and motored out from the Marina at six.  The trip down Tahsis Inlet was uneventful and I kept a sharp look out for floating debris.  I then cut through Princessa Channel into Kendrick Inlet and then into Cook Channel.

This area is where Cook first landed on his third voyage in the Resolution.  He missed the Juan de Fuca strait completely.  I would have liked to linger in this area longer, there are some great anchorages and good cruising grounds – but I have to move south for the end of September.

Once out in the ocean the wind and sea picked up dramatically.  The forecast was for thirty to forty knots, from past experience (I thought) this means twenty-five to thirty.  This time the forecast delivered and we had gusts of forty-five knots according the shore station readings.  All this made for exciting sailing, with triple reefed main and staysail we blasted along and I had my hands full to keep the speed down.

The wind came up far faster than I expected and caught me a bit by surprise.  Therefore, I was trying to do two things at once and ended up falling heavily into the cockpit combing with my back ribs.  One of those moments when you just have to sit and catch breath, expecting all sorts of breakages.  Fortunately, nothing seems to be cracked but my ribs are very painful.  I take it as a lesson to be better prepared and more organised in future.  I will also not be so cocky about the weather forecast.

This evening I am anchored in Hot Springs Cove.  I would love to have a soak in the hot water but the wind is still blowing pretty strong and going ashore is not prudent.  I will wait until the morning when conditions will be better.  Total voyage distance 924.5 miles.

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