Last night was relaxing with a good feed and a couple of beers.  However, the wind was quite strong, making a noise in the rig and I was still contemplating and fretting about the propeller fouling.  So not  a very restful night really.

At the dock last night was another yacht, ‘Raven’.  On board were Gina and Kevin who helped tie me up after I was ignominiously towed into the marina.  Kevin generously offered to dive down and look at the propeller for me.  At ten this morning Kevin slithered into his wetsuit and slipped into the water.  He found a bunch of cedar bark wrapped around the prop and after just a few minutes had removed it all.  The prop moves freely and there is no play at the bearing.  I ran the engine ahead and astern at the dock and all seems to good.  Many thanks for helping me out Kevin.

Strips of Cedar bark from the propeller. Ray Penson
Strips of Cedar bark from the propeller. Ray Penson

Much relieved I decided to stay another day at Westview, do my laundry, get some fresh fruit and have an explore around the village.  The weather was hot today and the walk into town not that comfortable, I am just not used to hot weather.  It seems that Tahsis was until recently a thriving mill town exporting cut timber globally, the mill is now closed.  There are less than three hundred permanent residents and most income seems to come from logging, fishing and summer holidaymakers.

At the village store I purchased some of he world’s most expensive oranges and then had a look around the small museum.  There is not much else to do.  Tomorrow I will once again head down Tahsis Inlet and hopefully make the Pacific without further incident.  Total voyage distance 875.8 miles.

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