The weather forecast this morning was calling a gale warning and strong north westerly winds.  I felt a bit disheartened as it has been raining on and off all night and the morning was overcast and miserable.

I gave myself a kick up the backside, picked up the anchor and headed out to see what the day would bring.  Once away from the coast the sun came out and a perfect day started.  We had a fair wind and beautiful sunshine, crisp cool air and warm sun.  The visibility improved and the West coast of Vancouver Island revealed itself, a beautiful rugged coast.  What a contrast to yesterday’s see nothing fog.

Narrow entrance to Klaskish Inlet.Ray Penson
Narrow entrance to Klaskish Inlet.Ray Penson

I have sailed many times up and down this coast, but much further offshore, usually going to or coming from China.  It’s a very wild place in winter and even in summer needs treating with respect.  I am surprised how many coves, harbours and anchorages there are.  I am also surprised at how few boats there are about considering this is summer.  Maybe they stick to the more southerly part of the west coast below Brooks Peninsular; a major barrier to travel up and down this coast.

This evening I have anchored in an almost landlocked piece of water, Klaskish inlet.  Access to the inlet is via a narrow entrance passage about thirty meters wide.  My Navionics chart gave a least depth of less than a meter in the passage so I was very cautious when entering at low water.  In fact, the least water I had was twelve meters under the keel.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is thirty to forty knot winds.  I can always go out and have a look and come back if the conditions are too uncivilised.  Total voyage distance 764.5 miles.

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