This morning started with beautiful calm weather at Fury Cove.  North Westerlies, fifteen to twenty knots forecast, perfect to carry us around Cape Caution and down to Vancouver Island.  In expectation of a wonderful sail across Queen Charlotte Sound I set off.

Once in Fitz Hugh Channel I came across five humpback whales breaching.  It was like they were having a competition to see who could get the furthest out of the water.  Quite spectacular, I have never seen so many whales breaching at the same time.  I can only assume they do it for fun.

It’s no surprise the wind didn’t arrive and we motored across Queen Charlotte Sound, rolling horribly to a beam sea and swell.  The fog and mist came in, the radar went on and we just ground out the miles southward.

This evening I have taken anchorage in Bull Harbour on Hope Island.  On approaching the island it reminded me of the West Coast of Scotland,  the island shrouded in mist and birdlife all around.  The birds are everywhere.  On the approach to Hope island I had to cross the Nahwitti Bar, a shallow bar between Hope Island and Vancouver Island to the south.  In bad weather with wind against tide this is a very treacherous place and best avoided at such times.  Today it was quite benign fortunately.  I will cross tomorrow at slack high water, it should be quiet.

There are a couple of other boats in the anchorage tonight, a motorboat and a sailing boat with an Australian on board.  Tomorrow if the weather is favourable I hope to get around Cape Scott and reach the West coast of Vancouver Island.  Total voyage distance 693.4 miles.

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