Logged 7th July 2016

The weather is getting warmer now or maybe this bit of Alaska is warmer I am not sure. Today I motored up to Hoonah which is quite a large village and the largest Tlingit community in Southeast Alaska. 

The name Hoonah means ‘place where the north wind doesn’t blow’ and warm ocean currents usually keep the minimum temperature just below freezing in winter.
The dock at Hoonah is protected by a large breakwater and I have a nice easy berth to escape from at the end of the pier. On arrival I made my call to boarder protection to notify my position. The harbourmasters office has a laundry and showers and just around the corner is a chandlers where I was able to purchase some sanitation hose. After lunch I changed out the hose on the toilet and now have nice new hose throughout the system, should be good for a few years.  

Ngozi at Icy Strait Brewing, Hoonah.
Ngozi at Icy Strait Brewing, Hoonah.

Later in the afternoon I walked up to the airport which is about a mile out of town and picked up Ngozi who had arrived from Juneau. She was the only person on the plane and sat next to the pilot on the way across, it was a small plane. So now I have company again which is really nice.  

Tomorrow will be an easy day having a look around Hoonah and doing a bit of shopping before departing to Glacier Bay on Saturday morning. Total voyage distance 1,446.0 miles.
Logged 7th July 2016

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