Last night I dined on poached salmon, home cooked on board.  After that I decamped to Roses Bar to partake of some Alaskan IPA.  It’s not the most salubrious establishment.  There I met some interesting characters including Red, a fisherman, who is now my new best mate in Pelican (No, he doesn’t have a bike with a basket or wear a hood).  Red has promised to heap more salmon onto me.

Pelican Water front, Alaska. Photot Ray Penson
Pelican Water front, Alaska. Photot Ray Penson

The morning was spent cleaning the boat and washing down. I am parked next to the seaplane float there is a lot of coming and going as the planes come in and people stopping by for a chat.  Pelican is a very friendly place.

I also opened up Mr Suzuki outboard to try and find out why he is getting hot, numerous passers-by offered advice of varying degrees of helpfulness.  I couldn’t see anything obviously wrong with Suzuki so flushed out his various cooling orifices with fresh water and hope the problem goes away.  I will give it a run at the next opportunity to see the result.

Pelican Harbour with State Troopers present. Photo Ray Penson
Pelican Harbour with State Troopers present. Photo Ray Penson

The offshore salmon fishing season opens on the 1st July and the harbour is rapidly filling up with fishing boats from the more inland ports.  From Pelican it’s a quick trip down Lisianski Strait to the ocean and the fishing grounds.  Shaping up to be a busy night ashore.

It looks like I need an early start tomorrow to catch the tide around to Elfin Cove.  I hope the weather is calmer than today, its blowing directly down the strait from the direction I want to go.  Tomorrow I should see the mountains over Glacier Bay for the first time.

Logged 29h June 2016

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