This morning I did final grocery shopping and got a gallon of engine oil for the next oil change coming up soon.  I tried to get a WiFi connection without success.  The only place is the library and that didn’t open until 12:00.  Must say I was not impressed with Craig, its services or people in general.  Happy to be moving on.

Moving North and first Dolphins. Image Credit Referencedotcom
Moving North and first Dolphins. Image Credit Referencedotcom

On leaving the dock the visibility was poor, not fog just a heavy mist and drizzle.  It cleared up when we got away from land and a good breeze sprang up.  I set all sail only for the wind to die immediately after.  I tried sailing later on but gave up after an hour of getting nowhere.  The whales were around again, I had something to take my mind off the wind frustration.

The forecast for today was for southerly winds of 20 knots.  This gave me hope I could get a good days run north.  Unfortunately the winds didn’t arrive so we had a day of motoring and hand steering as the seas were sloppy and the autopilot didn’t like it.

This evening we are anchored in Warren Cove on a place called Warren island at the bottom of Sumner Strait.  Not the best place to be but its my fault, I wasted too much time trying to sail when I should have just motored like all the other sailors do around here.  Coming into the anchorage this evening we were accompanied by a couple of Dolphins.  These are the first dolphins I have seen this trip, great to have them around.

It’s an angry and squally night.  There is a nasty slop coming into the anchorage and joggling everything around on the boat.  It’s also raining cats and dogs again.  Doesn’t look like I will have a comfortable night, looking forward to moving on tomorrow.  Total voyage distance 985.5 miles.

Logged 11th June 2016

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