It rained all day today, in fact we had at least two days’ worth of rain in one day.  There is a gale blowing outside the anchorage so today was confined to the boat and catching up on odd jobs and relaxing.  I didn’t go ashore, it was just too wet for any fun.  Some gusts have been blowing into the anchorage and pushing us about but it’s quite a sheltered and secure place.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes
Sauvignon Blanc grapes

Nothing much to report today, just cleaning, fixing and I made some more bread.  A good occupation when its wet, windy and cold outside.  I also rediscovered a 4 litre box of Sauvignon Blanc.  A bit of a taste shock at first, it’s made from Canadian and imported wines.  After the first glass its drinkable.

When I started this trip up the coast I wondered if it would be possible to live for 24 hours without seeing or hearing man-made objects or sounds.  I think I have just done it, there is no sign of man here or any sounds, there are probably jet trails overhead but I can’t see them because its overcast.  Kent Inlet is quite a remote place – I wonder who Kent was?

The forecast for tomorrow is for reducing winds.  All being well I will go for a walk in the morning, have a look for a Spirit Bear and then move a bit further up the coast in the afternoon.

Logged 17th May 2016

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