It’s been wet and damp all day today, and still raining.  Never mind we had a good day and after some soldering and improvisation this morning the echo sounder came back to life and is now showing the correct depth as far as I can tell, at least it goes up and down with the tide.

Yacht Truce Echo Sounder
Yacht Truce Echo Sounder

The spreader is coming along nicely and received its last coat of paint today ready for installation in the morning.

I rigged a new halyard on the starboard spreader and have a new one made up for the new port spreader.

I also finished off the installation of the AIS today and just need the services of an electrician to hook

it up to the power.  Electricians seem hard to get hold of this time of year and if I can’t find one may try and hook it up myself.


The good thing about dealing with 12 volt it doesn’t bite like the mains power.

Lastly the Iridium Go arrived today.  I will have a careful read of the manual before doing anything, it looks simple though.

Just waiting for the last two couriers with EPIRB and stickers now.

If everything turns up I could be sailing tomorrow afternoon.

But have just realised that tomorrow is the 13th  Mmmm.

Logged 12th April 2016 

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