21 January 2023

Eager to vacate the Bay of Islands and boats with blue underwater lights I was up early.  The sky was still grey overcast and threatening but the wind looked steady.  I had considered towing the dinghy but knew that sods law would come into play and lead to disaster, the dinghy and outboard were securely stowed on deck for the passage to Whangaroa.

We motored out of the anchorage and soon has a steady S’Ely wind.  With full headsails and one reef in the main we took off, quickly passing Robertson Island to starboard.  Just after ten we rounded Tikitiki island (Ninepin Island) and adjusted course to Cavalli Passage.  The wind and sea were boisterous, I was thankful the dinghy was safely lashed on board.

Passing through the Cavalli Passage the wind and sea moderated and we had an easy sail around Flat Island and into Whangaroa Harbour.  By four in the afternoon we were anchored off the Whangaroa Sports Fishing Club and getting the dinghy ready for a run ashore.

Ah, good to be ashore again after three day on board.  A fine afternoon and evening was had with draft beer, a fish and chip supper and rum and coke to finish off with.  The evening weather was good so we stayed anchored off the ‘town’.

The next day, after an excellent nights sleep we awoke to a light southerly wind and clear sky’s.  Such a nice change after the miserable weather of the past few days.  We stayed in town the whole day, not doing much and enjoying life.  In the evening we anchored in Waitapi Bay and a couple of friends from another yacht came over for sundowners.  Waitapu Bay proved to be an excellent choice of anchorage, calm and sheltered from the S’Wly breeze, a good nights sleep was had by all. 

The next day we motored back around to town and had a run ashore for beer, bread and bait.  We also found time for a lunchtime beer before returning to Truce.  Then we motored down to the east arm of the harbour where there is a water buoy.  We tied up to the water buoy, pulled the hose onboard and filled the tanks with nice fresh spring water.  There is a money box on top of the buoy for donations to the coastguard.  We happily made our donation before casting off, what a great facility.

Then it was a gentle motor across to Waitepipi Bay for another social evening and peaceful nights sleep.  I have recorded in the log book that this is the first day this year there has been no rain.  It has been a very wet summer so far.

Saturday and the weather seems to have settled down for a bit.  Its still not like the usual summer with long warm days and settled winds, but its better now than anytime this year so far.  Today we had another easy day.  In the morning we motored around into Rere Bay with the intention of going for a walk ashore.  However, once ashore we seemed to lose interest in the walk, the effort of walking uphill just didn’t seem worth it.  We pottered around the foreshore instead and said we can always return another time for the walk.  Back at the boat I took the opportunity to clean the scum off the hull around the waterline, luckily it came off quite easily but still quite an arm aching business.

The evening was spent anchored in Pumanawa Bay, another sheltered bay with good holding.  Whangaroa Harbour has numerous bays and good shelter can be found from all quarters.  Tomorrow we may head out to the Cavalli Islands, the weather forecast is looking settled.



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