Another peaceful night at anchor and a good sleep again. 

This morning I set about freeing up the propeller.  First I unwound the propeller shaft from inside the boat three turns, hoping the rope would unwrap a bit.  Then I tried teasing the rope out of the propeller from the dinghy, it didn’t work.  I really didn’t expect it would work but am willing to try almost anything rather than get into the water.

Left with no choice, I had to get in the water and free it by hand.  I dislike getting into seawater at anytime and only do it reluctantly when its tepid.  This is not tepid, it took my breath away.  After a few minutes work I had the propeller and shaft free and all the rope removed.  I couldn’t see any damage underwater and the anode was still in place, firmly attached. 

Getting back onto Truce was an interesting exercise.  I climbed up the steps that are fastened onto the transom.  The steps are there to enable someone in the water to climb on board, I had never used them until now.  I made it onboard Ok, but had to pull myself up with my arms until I could get a foothold on the bottom step.  A tired, exhausted or overweight person would struggle to get back on board this way.  A cold freshwater shower in the cockpit completed my ordeal and served my penance.

The weather forecast to the next couple of days is for strong winds and we now have continuous rain since this morning.  Nobody onboard is keen to go anywhere so I let out a further ten meters of anchor chain for when the expected wind arrives.  Its nice and cosy in the cabin and a good place to relax with the rain and wind playing around outside. 

In the late afternoon I set about making up a stew in the pressure cooker.  Its been wet and breezy all day, real weather to cook up a stew.  The fire is on and its cozy in the salon, the forward cabin is nicely heated as the chimney passes through the cabin to the deck.  


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  1. Morning to you both. I remember going on Roger’s 40 th birthday jaunt. He hired a canal narrowboat( he has now had one built, about 3 years ago. Struggling to find time to fully use it, most circular trips on the English canal system take about a month, unless you want to spin it around and retrace your steps, not so interesting) . Anyway l digress, the prop got tangled with weed, putting the engine in reverse didn’t clear it. Anyway l got the job, afterwards you could have chopped my arm off without anaesthetic , sure l wouldn’t have felt a thing. Boatyard on return said pour a kettle of boiling water around prop. Doubtful if would have done much.
    Ray my youngest son is getting married next may, Alex is choosing to live with Erica with no plans for marriage. Given me a lovely grandson though. Keep warm and enjoy your trip. Ann and Dave


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