Last night was very peaceful at Kiwiriki anchorage, hardly any wind to ripple the water.  The sunset seemed to last a long time and so did our sundowners.  This morning we awoke refreshed, I had one of the best sleeps ever at anchor, a perfectly still night.  

Yesterday was the first time I had used the recently purchased Pelagic autopilot.  It worked perfectly straight out of the box with no need for any adjustment of the settings, quite amazing.  Its early days and I have only used it in calm conditions so not getting too excited yet.  But, so far it’s a vast improvement on the Raymarine tiller pilots I have been using (and abusing) to date.

After a lazy morning we went for a walk ashore, up the kiwiriki track.  After an hour and a bit it seemed we had reached a high point and the track started descending.  Not wishing to go down and up again we decided to stop for lunch and return the way we had come.  One advantage of climbing to a high point, we received a phone signal and the outside world came flooding in.

Later in the afternoon we picked up anchor and went out for some fishing.  We caught a few but they all went back home, we have sausage on the menu for this evening and don’t need fish today, it was just sport.

Back at the anchorage all is calm again and it looks like another quiet night.


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