So much has happened in the last couple of weeks I need to consult the log book to jog my memory.  After the peaceful sailing in the Bay of Islands, we had to put Truce on a mooring for a few days while Ngozi and I headed back to Auckland to meet some guests coming from overseas and attend to a few outstanding domestic matters.  Fortunately, we found a suitable mooring for Truce in English Bay, Opua, the guys at Burnsco Opua were kind enough to lock our outboard up securely for us.

Back in Auckland we were reunited with the traffic jams and city noise, luckily we are only staying two nights before heading back north.  Once we had collected our visitors, Richard and Doris,  we set off to Tutakaka for a night then onto Russell where we dropped off Richard and Doris at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel, where they would stay for two nights.

Then it was back to Opua for Ngozi and I and back onto Truce.  Nice to be back on board.  We slept well that night, nice and secure on the mooring at English Bay.

Over the next few days we cruised in the Bay of Islands, visited Waitangi, Rangihoua Bay and Marsdens Cross, Kerikeri, Stone Store, Whale Bay and various other nooks.  Once finished in the Bay of islands we motored round to Whangaroa Harbour, what a delight!  This is the first time I have been there and I will certainly return.  Numerous sheltered anchorages, bush walks, fishing and even a fresh water buoy.

Marsden Cross Photo Ray Penson
Marsden Cross Photo Ray Penson


Ray and Richard
Ray and Richard

After two nights in Whangaroa we moved around to Mangonui for a couple more nights.  On the 23rd January Richard and Doris departed to continue their New Zealand vacation by car.

Marsden Cross Beach side Photo Ray Penson
Marsden Cross Site. Photo Ray Penson

Ngozi departed back to Auckland and I was alone again.  After having people on board for so long the boat suddenly felt very lonely.  I made myself busy preparing to depart south and by 12:30 I was on my way, motoring out of Mangonui Harbour.  I soon picked up a light N’ly breeze and was sailing at between 3 and 4 knots, not fast but easy sailing in the right direction

Marsden Cross Beach photo Ray Penson
Marsden Cross Beach photo Ray Penson


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  1. Good to hear the trip’s going well Ray! Enjoying your posts and noting a few ‘must visit’ spots. Best regards James


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