Since arriving back in New Zealand at the end of September last year Truce has temporarily been moored in Bayswater Marina in Auckland.  A perfectly good marina and close to the city – but more of a car park for boats than a local spot with character.

Westpark Marina at Sunset. Photo Ray Penson
Westpark Marina at Sunset. Photo Ray Penson

Truce always looked a bit out of place among the mainly modern plastic boats moored around her.

Early in February we moved further up the harbour to Westpark Marina or Hobsonville Marina as some call it.  Where, I have finally bit the bullet and bought a marina berth.  Truce in now happily moored among boats of all shapes, sizes and vintages, she seems more in place.  Westpark also has a haul out and yard facility which I will need in a few months when the time comes for hull cleaning and painting – which is already overdue.   Even more convenient there is a ferry direct to downtown and a pub onsite for those times when a beer is needed to assist problem solving.

Now that Truce is securely moored in her own berth I can start to plan for the future.  Before the next adventure Truce will need some work done to bring her back to top form.  The hull and topsides are looking tired and in need of a new coat of paint.  The rig has had a hard couple of years and really needs new standing rigging.  The mast paint is showing sings of fatigue – I will need to take the mast out and do a complete overhaul.  So quite a bit of work to be done in addition to all the other general and preventative maintenance.

The sails are in pretty good shape.  I have had the jib and staysail patched up with the local sailmaker.  The staysail probably only has another campaign left in it – a pity, its my favourite sail.

It’s a little strange how the individual sails seem to develop their own personalities.  The jib is like a stroppy female factory worker, when she is trimmed correctly and the working conditions are just right, she works hard and doesn’t complain.  When the wind drops or the trim isn’t correct she shouts, flutters and flaps about making a great commotion, upsetting everything.  The staysail is a bulldog of a sail, never complains no matter how badly its trimmed.  It just wants to work and pull – nickname is Billy after the tank engine.  The mainsail is the boss, he calls the shots and when the jib and staysail get their act together he drives everything along in perfect harmony.

Map showing Hobsonville Marina

The next adventure – I am thinking about exploring the south of New Zealand.  Stewart Island and Fiordland in particular are areas where visiting and exploring by boat are the only real options as they are so remote.  I am thinking about it.

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