Jessica has the channels, that strange malaise seafarers get after being at sea for some time and approaching port.  She is restless and constantly talking about what food she is going to eat.  Of course, the condition is contagious, I am now is a similar state.

We still have plenty of food on board – but nothing we want to eat.  Tinned food and dried stuff is OK for a week or so but gets boring after a time.  The knowledge that we will have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meats after the weekend makes it even harder to eat pasta again.

A mixed bag of a sailing day some good winds and then going light and rain showers.  We are not going to make arrival on Monday so just taking it easy to arrive on Tuesday morning.

After lunch the wind allowed us to go back to poled out jib and mainsail.  We are now comfortably running down the track to Neiafu with little fuss and an easy motion.  That has led to a flurry of baking, muffins first and now the bread is in the oven.  We love the smell of fresh bread, although the oven makes the cabin too hot for comfort in this climate.  No doubt we will have something on toast for dinner this evening.

The movie showing in the cockpit last night had to be moved indoors due to rain.  We watched ‘Be Cool’ with John Travolta.  A good movie but it went on a bit too long, I only had a short sleep before my watch at midnight.  I managed a cat nap in the cockpit later but was woken up when heavy rain arrived in a small squall.  Total voyage distance 1,353 miles.

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