WeatherWhat a day and night.  Completely unsettled weather.  I have just counted from the log book, we had eight squalls during the last 24 hours.  Sails have been up, down, in and out.  At one stage, we were hove to under triple reefed main for twenty minutes.  I feel pretty knackered from the effort of trying to keep momentum towards Tonga.  The boat is wet through.  A few times during the past day we have been headed in completely the wrong direction.  Another first, the outboard motor is stowed on the stern rain, this morning, during a squall, the propeller was spinning in the wind.

But, its all good since lunch time, we seem to have entered a clear area with consistent easterly winds around twenty knots.  The sky is clearer, the sun is coming through and a few Simpson clouds are starting to appear.  We are making good time towards Neiafu and have less than six hundred miles to go.

Last night we passed south of Tema Reef with Pukapuka island to the north and Nassau island to the south.  The chart says these islands belong to New Zealand.  I wonder if any ministers visit them to check they are still there.

Still no luck fishing – changed the lure today – just pot luck dragging a lure behind the boat.  Can’t be any skill involved.  Total Voyage distance 1,021 miles.

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