The light easterly winds continue to help us slowly towards Tonga.  At midnight I furled the jib, it would no longer hold the wind.  The wind is very light, sails are slapping around as Truce moves to the waves.  We crept along at about three knots with the main and staysail set overnight.

As daylight broke this morning it was clear we were into another weather system.  The fluffy Cumulus clouds of yesterday have given way to cumulonimbus and dark brooding stratocumulus clouds.  The sun rose but we didn’t see it, everything happening behind a curtain of grey.

Two large rain clouds caught us, first at six in the morning and later at ten.    Both had strong winds, the second was the strongest.  We received a thorough wash down from the lashing rain – very welcome as the boat was encrusted with salt.  I tried to harvest some water but gave up – there was too much salt spray coming over the deck to provide clean rain water for the tanks.

The weather forecast still has high winds for us during the next three days.  Easterly winds should help us catch up on our average speed and bring back the ETA to the 21st August. I just hope the expected seas stay below the three-meter mark otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

Conversation on board is increasingly turning to Tonga and often centres around fresh food.  The latest item on the wish list is a massage for Jessica.  I don’t know anything about Neiafu, it wasn’t on our original plan to visit so no information was sourced.  We have some information from the pilot book and cruising guide but its basic entry procedure stuff.  The guys that clear us in will be bombarded with questions.

Last nights movie was a cartoon – Tin Tin.  Pretty average really.  I used to read Tin Tin cartoons when I was a kid, must say I never really took to him.  I liked his dog, seemed to have the brains. Total Voyage distance 775 miles.

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