Any hopes of going ashore this morning were foiled by the wind.  A solid trade wind made conditions at the anchorage unsuitable for using the dinghy to g et ashore.  I have plenty of little jobs to attend to – the time will not be wasted.

At lunchtime, we experienced wind against tide conditions that put Truces stern into the wind and everything out of kilter.  The pig was acting erratically and charging into the hull in a vicious manner.  At about this time we started dragging anchor.  I was also making bread at the time.  Jessica and I hoisted the pig onboard, which is quite easy with two people.

Resetting the anchor turned into a chore, on the fourth attempt we finally found a good hold.  The tides and currents are flowing strongly into and out of the lagoon now.  Crystal clear water on the flood and milky waters on the ebb.  Its full moon tomorrow, we can expect another ripping tide day.

We ended up spending the day just doing stuff in our own time.  We did laundry, made lunch, baked bread, serviced the self-steering gear, tightened up the starboard cap shroud, Jessica sang and played guitar, I cleaned toilets and bilges.  Time flew by.

I did a download from Predict Wind and the prediction is for the wind to decrease tomorrow and Tuesday.  We hope they are correct as the shore and exploration is calling.

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