So far, the light and variable airs of the doldrums is suiting us fine.  Jessica remarked how nice it was to have some flat sailing and not be constantly banging and crashing to windward.  I can’t argue with that sentiment.  The temperature here is almost perfect, the daytime temperature in the shade is not excessive and the breeze is cooling.  In the evening the temperature is perfect for lounging around in T shirt and shorts.

The seas are now finally calm enough for the guitar to come out.  I was fortunate to have Jessica singing and playing guitar on her watch while I cat napped in the cabin below.

A minor tragedy is the end of cold beer, the ice in our icebox finally disappearing overnight.  The reaming cans in the icebox were still cool, with moisture beads on them.  For a moment, I had the urge to drink them all before they turned warm – then realised how irrational that would be.

Last night we had sundowners followed by diner in the cockpit.  The sunset was spectacular with the sun backlighting some grand cloud formations.  We then settled back to watch a movie, tonight’s showing was ‘Turks and Caicos.  An unusual British movie with a host of familiar stars.  I have seen it before but it was a new movie for Jessica – well worth a look.

All evening Truce had been sailing Southern a light easterly breeze, doing about four knots.  This is fantastic sailing, the sea is calm and the sky full of stars. This is a beautiful quiet magic carpet ride.  Voyage distance 811 miles.

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