Well I did jinx my good fortune.  At daybreak this morning the wind went AWOL.  We have been left floundering around, sails slating, constantly trimming trying to get some motion in the right direction.  I should know better – when things are going well – keep quiet about it!

Congratulations Team New Zealand
Congratulations Team New Zealand

The Meteorologist in Hawaii said this unusual weather event will be finished tomorrow and the normal trade winds will set in again.  So, nothing for me to do.  Just sit tight and wait for wind sixty miles offshore Hawaii.  It doesn’t really matter when we arrive but I have an itch to get ashore and explore, rolling around out here is not good for crew morale.

I gave Hilo Port a call and let them know I was coming in.  They were friendly and said either anchor in the port or find a berth, then check with security what to do.  All very casual, sounds good.  They just want me to keep clear of a Holland America cruise ship they have arriving at seven thirty.

This morning I received the news that Team New Zealand had won the Americas Cup in Bermuda.  This news has made my day.  What a fantastic achievement.  All the other Oracle tag along contenders didn’t stand a chance, it was always NZ, the black boat, that was the boat to beat.  There is a lot of high tech, money, egos and prestige associated with the Americas Cup and for New Zealand to win is spectacular.  As for the Aussie Skipper, little Jimmy – make him eat Marmite!  I look forward to catching up the action replays later.  I suppose NZ will be in party mood today.  Voyage distance 2,036 miles.

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