All hell broke loose at midnight.  Huge blasts of air followed by calm.  Seas coming from different directions and the night as black as pitch.  This went on for 3 hours and I just sailed out of it the best I could.  This is similar to what happened a few evenings ago.

Today we are definitely in a different weather pattern.  The air is warmer and feels more stable, although the overcast skies continue.  The thermometer hit twenty degrees today so its officially shorts day tomorrow.

Yesterday we only travelled 105 miles noon to noon.  Mainly due to the bad weather early this morning but I can blame it on fishing.  I am sure I lost a few miles slowed down messing around in that saga.  I cut two big steaks from the tuna and cooked both.  I filled up on it last night and am now not interested in Tuna for a while.  It was very good but so filling.

Truce is now sailing with the jib poled out to port and the mainsail hauled out to starboard.  All quiet comfortable and not much to do once everything is set.  Downwind is not Mickey’s favourite point of sail as the airflow across the wind vane is reduced.  I will gybe over onto starboard tack before it gets dark – it takes me quite a while to get everything transferred over and set up, not an easy one-man job and easier to do in daylight.

I got the news that Team New Zealand did well in the Americas Cup campaign.  This time they have the team to win, very resilient and full of self-belief.  If New Zealand do win who will host the next Americas cup – Dubai?  Voyage distance 597 miles.

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