This morning I did the daily routine, riding the rubber duck ashore.

I had a nice walk up the waterfront and stopped by at the Sausalito house boat community.  There are some very large houseboats built on substantial barges.  The community looks very well organised, neat tidy and well maintained.  Judging the the cars parked around these are not poor hippy people.

Today I made it to the West marine store.  The store here is a large new building and has the air of an up-market department store.  Very nicely laid out and staff smartly turned out in uniforms.  Unfortunately, it also has prices to match.  I could not believe how expensive stuff was.  I just bought a bit of bungee and rope and departed.

Then I hit Starbucks to take advantage of the Wi-Fi, downloaded a weather file and checked the US weather service.  There is a depression heading this way which will bring strong winds and maybe rain.  Looks like it will be finished by Friday – when I may depart.  The local radio station is getting excited about the possibility of rain and is calling the depression a storm.  They are predicting a lot of car crashes tomorrow if it rains.

Sausalito Houseboats.Photo Ray Penson jpg
Sausalito Houseboats.Photo Ray Penson

When I departed from Starbucks the wind nearly bowled me over – it had come up quickly.  The trip back to Truce was quite dry, the wind was from astern.  As I hopped on board a strong squall struck, I was just in time.  The wind threatened to fly the rubber duck like a kite on its painter.  The rest of the day has been gusty wind and sailing around the anchor.

Tomorrow I may pick up some fresh fruit and veggies if I am sailing on Friday.

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