At eight this morning I had called the Toledo boatyard and spoke to a helpful lady called Asia – (she seems to run everything in the yard).  She could not give me a haul out time but said come on up and we will take you when we can.  The idea is to lay alongside at the yard until they have a space for me.

Toledo Boatyard Oregon. Photo. Ray Penson
Toledo Boatyard Oregon. Photo. Ray Penson

After lunch I let go from the Newport Marina and turned right up the Yaquina River towards the town of Toledo, some ten miles distant.  The departure was timed to carry the flood tide up the river and arrive an hour before high water.  The river is shallow in places and I wanted to be able to float free on a rising tide if I went aground.  Luckily, we found the channel all the way up and arrived at three in the afternoon.

Motoring up the Yaquina River was a different experience.  There are a few housed dotted along the shore but mostly the banks are wooded with some pasture.  There was a lot of birdlife and seals swimming about everywhere.  The river must be very productive to keep all the seals fed and happy.

The shipyard is a pretty small place catering mainly to the local commercial fishing fleet.  They seem to have all the right skills available on site to fix most common boat problems.  Definitely not a flash place.  Ted, the haul out guy, is going to try and lift Truce out at noon tomorrow.

I am informed Toledo Town is about two miles away and there is a bowling alley quite close to the shipyard that serves good burgers.  I will have a wander up the road later to scout around.


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