It looks like I may linger longer in Newport after all.  As I was preparing the boat for departure today and running through my checks I noticed that the rudder has excessive play in the pintles.  I fear that something may have let go but can’t see any obvious cause.  Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable sailing unless I know the rudder is 100% OK.  I have arranged for a diver to check out the bottom shoe for me.

I could not have left today anyway as the bar was closed to all recreational vessels as there is quite a big swell causing rough conditions on the bar.  After my morning chores, I hopped on the free bus into Newport to pick up some fresh victuals and have a look around. 

Yaquina River Bar Status
Yaquina River Bar Status

On the way back from town to the marina I walked over the Yaquina River bridge.  As it is still windy, cold and wet it was a bracing walk so high over the river.  At the centre of the bridge I could feel it moving, vibrating and shaking as the traffic passed by.  The bridge was built in 1936 and looks quite flimsy close up, I walked off a bit quicker than I walked on.

Yaquina River Bridge - Just Walked Across.Photo Ray Penson jpg
Yaquina River Bridge – Just Walked Across.Photo Ray Penson jpg

Back on board I finished rigging the downhaul for the staysail.  This will make life much easier as I won’t need to go on the foredeck to bring the sail down in bad weather.  I then re-rigged the gybe preventer to provide less resistance and simpler leads – looking forward to trying that out.  I also made up a couple of soft shackles for the staysail to replace the current metal snap hook.  Getting hit on the head from a flaying snap hook could be a death blow, soft shackles are much safer.

Coastguard vessel returning from Yaquina Bar
Coastguard vessel returning from Yaquina Bar

Truce is one of only two visiting boats in Newport.  The other is a large French expedition boat that was also in Neah Bay when I was there.  Last night I had drinks on board – a very impressive boat that has been both to the Antarctic and Arctic.  They too are waiting on a weather window before moving down to San Francisco.

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  1. Hi Ray just caught up with your progress. Good to hear you are on the way home! The boat looks in good shape and I am sure all the modifications you are making will make things safer and more efficient. I am going to Aussie on Monday for the hookup of the Ichthys CPF, hopefully finished by 3rd week of June. Will follow your progress, take care and safe sailing. Cheers Billy


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