Today has seen a great improvement in the weather, still windy but sunny as well.  I spent the morning rigging up a gybe preventer.  It looks the business but won’t know how it will work until I get offshore.

Washburn's General Store.
Washburn’s General Store.

In the afternoon the wind eased off a bit and I launched Piglet for a run ashore.  Neah Bay is an Indian township, home to the Makah Tribe.  These guys can still go whaling in open boats – but don’t think they do anymore.  The main street has a gas station, general store and a few community buildings, nothing too extensive.  The locals are friendly and I had a chat with a few of the guys hanging around.  It’s a dry place (no alcohol) so no chance of sampling the local brew.

I didn’t want to wander too far as the wind was still gusting and I don’t like leaving Truce alone in those conditions.  Although by now the anchor must be well dug in.  The ride back from shore was pretty wet, Piglet is not a boat for choppy conditions.

Once back on board I checked the weather forecast.  The weather is moderating and is looking good for a departure tomorrow morning.  All being well I will catch the ebb tide in the morning and depart from Neah Bay heading towards some warmer weather.

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