Just before eleven this morning I let go from the Port Townsend Marina to catch the ebb tide up the Juan de Fuca strait.  Wind was forecast but only arrived for seven minutes sailing, then it was motoring all the way in flat calm conditions.  Quite a bit of marine life about, seals, ducks, porpoise and seabirds.

The weather turned out really nice with the sun making an appearance in the afternoon.  When the cloud cleared the snow capped Olympia Mountains came into view, looking magnificent.  They look pretty from a distance but that’s where the cold wind comes from.

Just as the tide was turning against us we made a small cove called Crescent Bay on the west side of the strait.  We are anchored there now waiting for the next ebb tide around one in the morning.  The anchorage is a bit rock and roll but not too bad and I should get a few hours sleep.

So, now we are about half way between Port Townsend and Neah Bay.  After Neah Bay I will be rounding Cape Flattery, the real departure point for the trip down to San Francisco.  I am looking forward to Neah Bay, it’s an Indian settlement.  My friends tell me there are some interesting things to look at, we shall see.

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