I had a wonderful relaxed night’s sleep, woken this morning by the quacking of ducks around the boat.  Yesterday was quite mild for a change but today has started with a bitterly cold wind, even the locals are complaining about the weather.

This morning was clean up time.  As I was taking out one of the big floorboards it slipped from my hand and landed point first on the freshwater tank.  Yep, it has made a nice hole in the tank.  Just what I didn’t need.  I set to fixing the hole with epoxy and tape, but it’s so cold today the epoxy is struggling to cure.  It looks like it will be another couple of days before the repair will be complete.

As a penance for my dumb mistake this morning I set about cleaning the boat outside, removing all the green BC mould and slime that has accumulated over the winter, a complete wash down.  I was soaked through, freezing cold and didn’t finish until six thirty in the evening.  Truce is now clean again – well outside anyway.  One benefit of having wet cold hands all day is that the black antifouling paint has now washed off and in have more or less clean hands again.

For my trip to NZ I am trying to source a life raft.  I thought it would be easy but the suppliers in BC are quoting 4 to 6 weeks delivery due to ‘excessive demand’.  I will have to go online tomorrow and see if there are any available south of the boarder in the USA.

I have the Dickinson heater on again tonight and feeling warm for the first time today.

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