Last night I anchored in Columbia Cove, what an awful anchorage.  The wind howled in all night, great express train gusts that spun Truce all over the place, straining at the anchor cable.  I didn’t get much sleep as the shore was close, a dragged anchor would have put us on the rocks in no time.

Walters Cove, Vancouver Island West.Ray Penson
Walters Cove, Vancouver Island West.Ray Penson

The forecast for this morning was thirty-five increasing to forty knots later.  No way I was spending another night in that awful windy anchorage so I picked up the hook and headed south.  Once clear of the anchorage I hoisted sail and we made great time – for about thirty minutes then the wind died!

We motored south in glorious sunshine and clear visibility, weaving in between the numerous rocky reefs that fringe the coast here.  After some time I felt the engine vibrating and the speed was down.  I stopped the prop and did a few ahead and reverse manoeuvers – a large lump of weed popped out astern.  I had to do the same thing later in the day, I suspect I may still have some weed clinging in there.  A friend had the same thing but he couldn’t get it lose, it was wound so tight he had to get a diver to clear it out.

The trip down the coast was beautiful, sparkling seas and great scenery.  The seagoing weasels (sea otters) were out in force today, I passed a group of about fifty appearing to be having a floating conference.  I didn’t see any other boats out today apart from a couple of fishing skiffs, very quiet at this north end of Vancouver Island.

I called in at Walters Cove, a very pretty little place with holiday homes scattered around a protected lagoon.  This evening I have come up into Kyuquot Inlet to an anchorage on Hohoae Island called Dixie Inlet.  It’s a beautiful location in a marine park.  I hope it’s as tranquil and protected as it looks because I will sleep like a log tonight.  Total voyage distance 819.3 miles.

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