This morning started with flat calm and brilliant sunshine.  I had breakfast in the cockpit in T shirt and shorts.  Thirty minutes after departing the anchorage we ran into thick fog, visibility less than two cables and it persisted all the way down Chatham Sound to Venn Narrows, the northerly approach to Prince Rupert.

The fog was shallow and the sun could be seen overhead like a fried egg nesting in a sky of porridge.  The air was cool and damp with water dripping from the rigging and sails.  No mariner likes fog, thanks to the radar I was able to spot other vessels early and take avoiding action when needed.

As we were approaching Venn narrows I heard the yacht Caro Babbo calling on VHF.  They were coming down from the north and if they hadn’t slowed down we would possibly of hit each other.  All through this trip north to Alaska and back south we have met at various places on the way – very uncanny as we have both been following different interties.  I first saw Caro Babbo on my first night out of Canoe Cove back in April.  We met up again in Desolation Sound where we shared an anchorage in Squirrel Cove.  Later we met up in Prince Rupert, then again in Glacier Bay and finally in Prince Rupert again.  On the 30th May I followed them out of Venn Passage and this time they followed me in.

Once alongside in Prince Rupert I checked in with Canadian Customs.  A friendly Customs Officer checked me in over the phone and allocated me a clearance number that I need to display in a window on the boat.  So simple.  My dealings with Canadian Customs have always been pleasant and it feels good to be back in BC.

John on board Caro Babbo is an excellent cook, he actually enjoys it!  Last night we rafted up in Russell Arm, on the north shore of Prince Rupert harbour and I joined Hillary and Jennifer on board their boat for for a lovely meal.  Tomorrow I will get an early start and continue my southward passage, not decided my route yet, tide and wind will decide for me.

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