Vixen Harbour was flat calm last night, there was no light pollution and the heavens were on full view. I got an early start at sunrise and headed down to Meyers Chuck to await the forecast afternoon wind.

Meyers Chuck is a small harbour with numerous holiday home scattered around. I couldn’t find a vacant float so dropped anchor. It’s a pretty little place and the people were super friendly. Two of them came out in a boat to say hello and invite me ashore. I declined, I want to move on and having just put the pig on deck I didn’t want to go through the effort of launching and retrieving it again.

Just after lunch I set off down Clarence strait with a good wind from astern. After four hours the wind died and the motor went back on to take us past Ketchikan. I was in two minds whether to stop in Ketchikan. In the end I decided not to as there is nothing attractive about the place.

Rather than find an anchorage for the night I will head out into open water and drift for a few hours. The sky is clear again this evening and I will lay back in the cockpit and watch the show overhead. Tomorrow I will head down the Dundas Island and back into Canadian waters again.

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