This morning I was running around doing last minute chores and paying for ladder and tarpaulin hire, pressure washer rental, and steelwork.  When the time came to lift the boat off the blocks the rain came, just in time to upset the antifouling touch up where the pads and blocks had been.  I would not be surprised if the paint has washed off.

Goodbye Wrangell Bears. Photo Ray Penson jpg
Goodbye Wrangell Bears. Photo Ray Penson

By ten thirty Truce was back in the water, a quick check around inside to check all was watertight and we were off again.  The difference of a clean bottom is amazing; Truce is gliding through the water once again now the pesky parasites are removed from the hull.  Under the jib truce slipped along at three and a half knots in a light airs for an hour before the wind died.

Today took us through Eastern Passage, The Narrows and down Blake Channel to Bradfield Canal.  A very scenic route with waterfalls and cascades from the mountains at either side of the passage.   The drizzle stopped around midday and the sun poked its head out for five minutes in the afternoon.

This evening I have tied up to a float at Anan Bay.  Its all very quiet and peaceful.  Truce is the only boat here, surprising, I though it would be busier.  Tomorrow morning, I will take the pig for a ride and check in with the rangers.  Then it’s a walk to the stream to see the bears.

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