Last night when I entered Taku Harbour I prepared the anchor ready to drop.  It was a last minute decision to moor alongside the float.  Its easier to anchor than get the fenders rigged and dock lines out of the locker.  This morning I was glad I made the decision to moor alongside.

The forecast southerly winds arrived and then some.  A fisherman came alongside the float and reported a strong northerly flowing two knot current in the passage.  A yacht later came in and reported 30 knot gusts and short steep seas, he was coming from the south so had a good sail.  For Truce to try and motor into such short seas is fruitless, she just becomes a rocking horse without much forward progress.  Sailing is an option but I don’t fancy tacking all day into a headwind and current.   So I stayed happily alongside the float and had a relaxed day pottering about chatting with the fellow occupants of the float.

I caught up on my emails that I had been putting off for a couple of weeks, my outbox is bulging ready to discharge when next on Wi-Fi.  The seawater filter got cleaned, the stern light got fixed and a bit more housekeeping as well.

Taku Harbour is quite a busy place, there has been a steady stream of fishing boats coming and going and a couple of large motor yachts anchored up the bay.  It’s one of the few sheltered harbours on the inside passage between Petersburg and Juneau so is a popular stop for cruisers. Surprisingly, apart from a couple of Bald Eagles wildlife seems to be absent.

The forecast for tomorrow is not too flash either, more or less the same as today.  I suspect the wind will drop but the forecaster is playing safe – just in case.  The ebb tide isn’t until the afternoon so I will make a decision to go or stay another day by mid-morning.

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