I had a lie in until seven thirty this morning, the rain was dropping onto the cabin top so I decided to roll over for another hour.  After I dragged myself out of my bunk I applied the final epoxy patch to the fresh water tank.  It’s not easy when you can’t see what you are doing and applying fibreglass and epoxy upside down and by feel is challenging.  To see the results, I stick my phone in the tank and take a photo.  It’s not pretty but I reckon it will hold.

ICOM VHF waiting to be fitted
ICOM VHF waiting to be fitted

Then I spent a couple of hours fixing the stern light that had some corroded wiring, one of those simple little jobs that take forever and use every tool in the box.  Then it was onto the wiring of the charging station at the chart table.  From Aliexpress I got a 12 volt USB charging rig, only cost a few dollars but could be a great buy.  Charging laptops, phones, cameras etc from 12 volt uses much less power that using the inverter as I have been doing to date.  Before I can finish that job I need a switch.

Then I set about installing the VHF Radio, didn’t get too far as I need an antenna joint.  So then it was onto the cabin light, this I fixed but need a cable joint before I can box it up.  I then measured up to fit the new solar panel, I have the spot marked out and have drilled a pilot hole for the cables, but of course I now need 5 metres of cable to complete the job.  So I now have a heap of electrical jobs half-finished waiting on little bits to connect and join.  Of to the electrical supply tomorrow morning.

Getting fed up with electrical work and the brain power it takes, I spliced up a new halyard for the staysail.  We now have renewed halyards all round.  Truce is looking quite fancy with all this new rope dangling from the mast.

I am getting anxious to leave Canoe Cove now, the days are flying by and I am not moving forward towards my destination.  Of all the items I need only the electrical bits, batteries and headsail furler repairs remain outstanding, these are the must have items.

Everything else can wait.  Hopefully by the end of Monday I will be able to call USA Boarder Protection and give them 48 hours’ notice of arrival.

My Loot from the Marine Garage Sale
My Loot from the Marine Garage Sale


This morning I went to a boat garage sale in Victoria.  Very happy I went as I picked up some bargains and crossed a couple of items off my ‘to get’ list.  Luckily I was able to get into the venue early with a vendor and have a scope around before the public entered.

First I picked up an inflatable dinghy for $150, not a youngster but seems to hold air well and is small enough to handle easily by myself.  It also rolls up quite small for stowage on deck when at sea.

Secondly I found an inflatable kayak, it’s a West Marine Advanced Elements model.  Not exactly top of the range but for $100 it will do nicely.  So, all my boating needs met for $250 in one morning.

This afternoon I bought an additional solar panel to complement my existing panel.  With both panels I only have a total of 100W.  However, my electrical needs are light and the two panels should be fine for day to day operation without running the engine.  Yesterday I fitted LED’s lamps to my navigation lights, they use very little power and put out a nice bright light.  This cuts down on the battery drain overnight when at sea.

Spring Blossom in Victoria. Photo Ray Penson jpg
Spring Blossom in Victoria. Photo Ray Penson 

The cherry blossom is out in force in Victoria, very pretty but of course it rained and blew cold just after I took the photo.

Today was too cold, windy and wet to do much outside.  Anyway my hands needed a break to heal after doing rope work yesterday.  My hands are still soft from the easy life at home over summer.  It was also too cold to do another epoxy patch in the fresh water tank today, I will do it first thing in the morning.


Glorious spring weather in Canoe Cove today, shorts weather with clear sky and bright sunshine.  The first day with no rain I reckon.

I stuck another epoxy patch on the fresh water tank this morning, the warmer weather is helping the epoxy to cure faster, I think one more internal patch tomorrow and we will be back in business with the water tank.

My mainsail turned up again this morning with the sailmaker.  I wanted some modifications made, handles sewn into the luff and nettles for lashing the sail to the boom when reefed.  We fitted the sail and it looks excellent with a good heavy build.

Next came the rigger to check over the rig.  Always a good precaution once a year or before any ocean passage.  It is also a blue-water insurance requirement that the rig is checked by a rigger.  The rig is good shape, just a few rivets to replace in the jib furler foil.  I will have new lifelines made up with plain wire to replace the old plastic coated ones.  I don’t like plastic coated wire, you never know what is happening underneath the plastic.

After the rigger had departed I set about replacing some halyards.  I should have replaced a couple last year but I pushed it to get another years use out of them.  I have also rigged a halyard from the masthead spinnaker block.  Not that I expect to be using the spinnaker this trip when single handed but just as an additional halyard.  Always handy to have a spare halyard available.  It was very pleasant sitting on deck in the sunshine splicing  eyes in the halyards.

The spider bite on my arm isn’t any worse, funny its not any better either.  I googled spider bites in Canada and a whole bunch of horror stories came up, I closed it down before I frightened myself.