For a couple of years now I have been observing the rust accumulation on the engine mounts.  Looks nasty and it’s a pain to keep cleaning up.  But on closer inspection I could not see any structural failure and the rubber inserts appeared to be OK. So I just convinced myself that it was a... Continue Reading →


This afternoon Truce went back into the water.  A big sigh of relief all around.  The last days have been cold wet and miserable trying to get the anti fouling completed and living on board when the boat is out of the water is not pleasant. Once in the water I had a good check... Continue Reading →


For the first time I can remember I am without car.  As a family we are now down to a single car.  This is a voluntary situation brought about by my desire to be free of objects and encumbrances that don’t add to my quality of life.  In reality my car has only been used... Continue Reading →

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