The sun rose this morning to perfect calm, water like a mirror and the mountains reflecting upside down.  I had a leisurely breakfast in the cockpit in glorious warm sunshine. It was a nice easy couple of hours trip down from the anchorage to Sitka where the harbourmaster allocated me a berth for two days. ... Continue Reading →


The forecast for today is North Westerly Gales.  We stayed put in the anchorage and had a nice relaxed day doing cleaning, maintenance, cooking and some splicing.  There is always something to do on a boat and the time flew by.  The sun came out and was nice and warm for a couple of hours... Continue Reading →


Wonderful day, bright sun and no wind.  Broke the shorts out today.  Another day rummaging around the boat.  I have now found everything and been in every space possible.  Also set up and tested the autopilot ran OK after I cleaned the contacts.   I topped up the fresh water today and found where the overflow... Continue Reading →

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