The 05:33 morning forecast predicted the 25 knot S’ly breeze would die out in the morning leaving variable 10 knots behind in the afternoon.  I wanted to pick up the diminishing S’ly breeze (not the 25 knots that can mean 30 knot gusts) to take me around the south and east of Banks Peninsular. I... Continue Reading →


Last night I moved to Pine Tree Bay, just on the North end of French bay.  The wind was blowing from the NE this anchorage proved to be just perfect.  This morning I was woken by natures alarm clock again, the little birds had returned in droves, or maybe it’s a flock.  Judging by the... Continue Reading →


I had a lay in this morning, the sunrise is almost seven thirty so there’s no light shining through the hatch to wake me up.  The morning was cold, overcast and didn’t inspire me to action.  Instead I pottered around the boat and made pancakes and real coffee for breakfast.  Comfort food on an overcast... Continue Reading →

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