Last night I had dinner on Windora, I thoroughly enjoyed it, roast chicken with real vegetables, good food and good company.  After dinner we had more rum and I once again chugged back to Truce late at night in the dinghy. I awoke on Friday morning to a beautiful day, clear skies and calm weather. ... Continue Reading →


Tuesday the 16th and the front has passed through, light drizzle in the morning, clearing up by lunchtime and Truce is gradually drying out.  The rain has been spectacular but now it’s gone and the waterfalls are diminishing. By mid-morning I had a full crew of helpers onboard from the other boats in Deepwater Basin... Continue Reading →


Very early on Friday morning I weighed anchor and sailed out of Anchorage Cove, the outgoing tide and stream from the George River helping us on our way.  A slight S’ly breeze barely filled the sails and we slowly sailed out of George Sound to the sea.  The sky was clear, the stars shining bright,... Continue Reading →

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