I awoke this morning to thick fog, a sign summer is here.  The fog cleared in the early morning and the sun came out.  But then a strong westerly wind set in and finally rain again.  A real mixed up day but plenty of variety.

In the morning I motored over to Inian Island which is in the middle of Cross Strait.  There is a pass north and south of Inian Island and the water flow through the passes is tremendous.  Huge upwelling’s and swirls of water, even at slack water.  Another funny thing is that the Pacific Swell comes right into the strait and seems to bend around the islands but still keep its size and shape.  The locals tell me that in bad weather or wind against tide, the passes can be very difficult and dangerous.  I believe it and will try and take advantage of the current tomorrow to get a lift to the east.

Coral Princess heading into Glacier Bay.Photo Ray Penson
Coral Princess heading into Glacier Bay.Photo Ray Penson

The anchorage at Inian Island is supposed to be sheltered but this evening is a little draughty.  I hope the wind dies down later as the singing in the rigging and surging at anchor is not very relaxing.

My entry permit into Glacier bay is for the 9th July, I can’t go in before then so am hanging around this Icy Strait area waiting for my wife to arrive in Hoonah.  Then we will cross Icy Strait into Glacier Bay.

Tomorrow I will have a look at sailing to Port Frederick, which is a sound south of Hoonah. There should be some interesting wildlife in there if the tales of my fisherman friends are true.  Total voyage distance 1,383.1 miles.

Logged 4th July 2016


Mark popped on board this morning with a present of four thick King Salmon steaks bagged in ice.  Fresh wild Salmon is a real delight, no comparison to the stuff from the supermarket.

It rained all night but cleared up in the morning.  I sailed at eleven across Cross Strait to Fern Harbour.  The harbour provides a magnificent view of the tail end of Brady Glacier and awesome high mountains beyond.  Luckily the cloud cleared and the sun came out and it got quite warm.

Unfortunately, Fern Harbour proved no too good as an overnight anchorage.  Firstly, there is a swell that enters the bay, secondly the bottom is very rocky and the anchor chain jumps across the rocks and finally the place is infested with hundreds of horse flies, or deer flies.

Whatever they are called, they are quite large, bite and make noise.  Quite unbearable, so I had to depart after a couple of hours and moved around to Dundas Bay.  I am told that Dundas Bay is part of the Glacier Bay National Park (its next door) but a permit is not required for this side.

It’s a pretty remote and wild place and I hope to explore further into the arms of the bay tomorrow. Looks like Salmon again for dinner tonight.

Total voyage distance 1,361.4 miles.

Logged 2nd July 2016