A bit blustery last night but nothing special and didn’t live up to the doom and gloom hype from the weather forecast.  The morning was wet, cold and overcast with a light wind from the south.  As the wind was forecast to increase to twenty knots it seemed ideal to sail across the Firth of … Continue reading BACK IN AUCKLAND


At seven in the morning the sky was getting light and we weighed anchor, saying goodbye to Smokehouse Bay.  One of the other yachts at the anchorage departed just before us and looks like they are headed back to Auckland.  The weather is grey and overcast with a lot of moisture in the air. The … Continue reading HEADING TO COROMANDEL


The anchorage at Smokehouse Bay provided another perfectly calm night.  We arose later than usual and with no place to go and no hurry to get there we pottered around all morning doing odd jobs and relaxing.  The afternoon came and went and we had no inclination to do anything energetic.  The weather was unseasonably … Continue reading LAZY DAY AT SMOKEHOUSE BAY


The day opens fine, clear and glassy calm sea.  The wind died down early evening and calm prevailed all night, had a fantastic sleep.  After a bit of a lazy morning, we weighed anchor and headed around to Port Fitzroy where we picked up a convenient mooring just off the jetty.  The mooring belongings to … Continue reading SMOKEHOUSE BAY


Two nights and a day of nasty weather is behind us.  Very strong southerly winds made for an  uncomfortable couple of nights, particularly around two in the morning.  Once again, I wonder what makes the wind strongest at two in the morning.  It was gusting at fifty knots plus in the Colville Channel just to … Continue reading CALM AFTER THE STORM


Another peaceful night at anchor and a good sleep again.  This morning I set about freeing up the propeller.  First I unwound the propeller shaft from inside the boat three turns, hoping the rope would unwrap a bit.  Then I tried teasing the rope out of the propeller from the dinghy, it didn’t work.  I … Continue reading COLD WATER BATHING


Another peaceful night at anchor and a wonderful sleep, hard to believe its mid-winter. We got up later this morning, starting to get into relaxed mode, no rush to get anywhere and plenty of time to get there.  There are now two other boats in the anchorage, another one came in last night. Today we … Continue reading FOULED PROPELLER


Last night was very peaceful at Kiwiriki anchorage, hardly any wind to ripple the water.  The sunset seemed to last a long time and so did our sundowners.  This morning we awoke refreshed, I had one of the best sleeps ever at anchor, a perfectly still night.   Yesterday was the first time I had … Continue reading PEACE AND TRANQUILITY


07:00 and flat calm, not a breath of wind as Ngozi and I let go from the marina at Hobsonville.  Slowly we made our way out of the marina and over the shallow patch into the marked channel.  Then a bit more speed as we opened up the throttle and hit seven knots.  What a … Continue reading MIDWINTER MINI CRUISE